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Market Surveys are essential Business Development tools for Apartment Communities nationwide. However, calling property after property to manually complete a Market Survey has grown counterproductive, and tedious, with rushed results.

To build a Market Survey Report, Leasing Professionals contact an average of 7 neighboring communities having to take the time to tediously make 7 phone calls and to accept 7 phone calls from each to provide or exchange intel. With properties adopting stronger telephone screening systems, getting it all done in one sitting is nearly impossible.



Peer to Peer Automation. A Digital Network, with Property Profiles nationwide, managed by their assigned Leasing Consultants, and instantly blasting completed Market Survey Reports to each other in real time, on time, with no phone calls. This Automation refunds valuable time back to your professional for in-office productivity and leasing duties.

The Exchange

Instead of manually dialing out to exchange Market Survey data with multiple properties one at a time, Input YOUR community data into RANC using your Property BrandedMarket Survey form for automatic delivery to all properties on your Market Survey Sheet. in Real-Time, On Time, with no calls.

Simultaneously collecting the Market Survey data you need from all communities on your Market Survey List; ready for your review. Enjoy an easy to read, Property Branded, accurate Market Survey in a professionally preferred, nationally recognized layout, delivered to you in Real-Time, On Time, with no calls.

Now the Market Survey you need comes to you Automatically with results 43% more accurate over doing it manually using the phone.

The drawback with Automated Data collection is its collection method. Largely done by computers combing and formulating outdated website numbers.

Occupancy Rates Change Daily

Therefore, Leasing Professionals are still required to do the "leg work" and complete a Market Survey. 

Your Markets Surveys through RANC are completed through a Peer to Peer exchange by your Leasing Professional, with their Leasing Professional ensuring up to the moment accuracy without the phone.

RANC is the only Apartment Market Survey tool managed by Leasing Professionals in your office, exchanging current, user to user, facts and figures expected in a thorough Market Survey, eliminating the phone without compromising the quality of the report. 

We'd love the chance to earn your business.

Put our Automation to work for you. Assign a Leasing Professional to your property’s profile already listed on RANC. Follow the properties that are on your Market Survey Sheet. Start sharing and receiving Market Surveys immediately using your Custom, Property Branded, Market Survey (CPBMS) Give us a try for Free.. 

Don't be that Property still using an Excel Spreadsheet, and the phone, calling, and pushing through incoming call filters to get a Market Survey done. Completing a Market Survey through RANC is easy, fast - not rushed, with true results ready for Monday Morning Meetings, Strategy Meetings, Regional Manager, or Executive visits, and more.

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Registered Apartments - Neighboring Comps


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