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The Automated Apartment Market Survey

Instead of manually dialing out to exchange Market Survey data with multiple properties one at a time, Automating the Apartment Market Survey allows your input of your property's numbers into a Market Survey Form that is instantly shared (and received) between all communities on your Market Survey sheet in Real-Time, On Time with no Phone Calls.  

Now the Market Survey you need Automatically comes to you with 71% increased data accuracy over doing it manually using the Phone & Excel Spreadsheet

RANC is the only Apartment Market Survey tool managed by Leasing Professionals in your office, traded digitally and instantly with the Leasing Professional from their offices, exchanging current, user to user, facts and figures expected in a thorough Market SurveyEliminating the phone without compromising the quality of the report, yet increasing the validity of its data. 

Receive notifications when the Market Surveys you need are ready for your review. Always on time.

Leasing Professionals are still required to exchange the community's most recent numbers. With RANC they're no longer required to use the phone to do it.

Market Survey’s through RANC are:

  • Not Rushed.
    Leasing Consultants populate this week’s numbers. Managing time around in office leasing duties, not rushing via the phone. Therefore you receive a well focused Market Survey with precise results.
  • Shared in Real Time, On Time, with No Calls.
    You no longer need to call to collect Market Surveys numbers. Receive instant notifications when survey’s are completed by the leasing professional of any property on your Market Survey Sheet that are ready to download for your review. Once you’ve gotten reports from all on your list, compile and present a comprehensive, thorough Market Survey Report, on-time.
  • Property Branded
    Market Survey Reports are formulated on a nationally recognized, easy to read, preferred layout delivered on time with your community's brand approved by you.
  • Productive
    No longer exchange numbers one community at a time. Share your completed Market Survey with all communities on your list simultaneously. No Longer accept or make phone calls to each community on your Market Survey sheet.

  • You're Are In Control…
    Communities control permissions to who is to receive Market Survey Reports between each other. Start with all communities on your current Market Survey list and grow from there. Expand or extend the demographic on your Market Survey list to collect more usable data on a larger scale.

Digitally blasting completed Market Surveys community to community, delivering a better report. You'll never go back to using the Phone and Excel Spreadsheet.  

Put our Automation to work for you


Social Media Features

RANC provides the most effective way to exchange your Property Branded Apartment Market Survey with all communities on your Market Survey Sheet in Real Time, On Time, with NO Calls. Simultaneously, RANC Members enjoy a private, easy to recognize Social Media platform. Developing Business Relationships, Post Community Events, Job Openings, Lease Ups, and more representing their specific properties and networking with Leasing Professionals nationwide, who’d love to meet you too.

Registered Apartments - Neighboring Comps


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